ID card Mar 2007
The colours are not fully realistic, but at least
they perfectly match for the black shirt.
Ball Apr 2005
You will rarely see me from
this angle unless I'm sitting.
High school 1999–2000
Graduation report card and the
school-leavers class photograph.


Parents May 2009
Guess where.
Primeval family 2009
These are us too, but the photos
are quite old as you can see.
At home 2003
Father, mother, sister, and that
lucky guy belonging to them.
Sister May 2008
Not to be confused with Pablo Picasso.
My sister is the one in the front.
Sister – the adventurer
May 2009
Rome, Italy.
Aug 2008
London, United Kingdom.
Aug 2005
Ocean City, Maryland, USA.
(While returning from Saginaw, Michigan, USA.)


Bearded Apr 2006
When no important event was going
to happen for a whole month…
Francis Joseph I style Aug 2008
Please note that this was just for fun,
only for a few hours, and strictly at home.
Mustache Jun 2009
I repeat:
just for fun, for a few hours.

Trips & Events

Rome May 2009
Just a few of the many beautiful shots.
Aviator Jun 2008
Sitting in a jet fighter's cockpit
on the 2nd National Aviation Days in Piešťany.
FIA GT, Brno Sep 2007
Taking a look into the Ferrari's nest at the Masaryk circuit.
Graduation Jul 2007
Having my diploma officially received.
Fun-fair in Prague May 2008
My sister is trying to express that she is not sure
whether the ticket was worth of its price.
Skiing Feb 2004
Unfortunately this low-quality picture does not show
well enough my professional approach to skiing.
Devín May 2003


Club Edward Teller
Nov 2002, Bratislava
Edward Teller Club – the Hungarian club of the faculty. It had about fifty members at that time.
Tőgye Blues Band
1999, Nové Zámky
Seasonal band. We played only a very few times in the intervals of schooldances. The picture shows the tipical setup, however, most of us used to play the instrument which was just free for him. The two singer girls are missing from the picture.
(“Tőgye” – pronounced like “toedie” – means udder in translation.)
Apr 1997, Fiľakovo
Typical problem solving on a programming competition. There's Attila Strba on the left, who gave me the first Pascal lessons I've ever had. The preceding night he was teaching me some algorithms of the graph theory. Next day we got the first prize.


Nové Zámky cca 2000
My hometown.
Bratislava cca 2005
My current home.