This page contains software from my university and high-school era.
Files are compressed in RAR archives along with authenticity verification.

Standard applications

32-bit applications for Windows.

Scans Searcher 2006-05 (with Searcher v27)

File searcher application for local area networks. Documentation included.

  • Very fast searching for the given keywords in filenames.
  • Searching uses an own small datafile. Offline searching.
  • Shared movies overview by automatic movie file recognition and grouping.
  • If necessary, can be configured to scan local and removable disks (with a little workaround).

At that time, this software was widely used by over 100 members of the Sturak colledge's intranet. Hereby I thank them for their support and comments.

download 460 K / 1035 K
Automatic scheduling requires Lodzha’s FastScan: download 520 K / 1.3 M

Stereogram Drawer 2.5
Nov 2000 — Nov 2003

Object-oriented image drawer and converter to autostereograms.

version 1.0 My semestral project in 2000 at the university.
Pixel-oriented drawer with basic converter.
version 1.2 Last version of that kind. (upper screenshot)
download 205 K / 495 K
version 2.0 My project for the academic year 2001/2002 at the university.
Object-oriented drawer with converter.
version 2.5 Latest version with advanced shading options and enhanced converter. (lower screenshot)
download 320 K / 800 K
Quick Dictionary 1.2
June 2001, May & Aug 2002, Nov 2003

Tiny dictionary program for easy and fast word searching.
Contains no words – must be added by the user.
Can be used in non-dictionary manner to associate words or phrases with notes.

download 200 K / 490K

Windoze Setup 1.3
June–Aug 1999, July 2001, Nov 2003

Funny old-fashioned Windows setup with insane options.

download 200 K / 500K

OpenGL applications

Homework projects at the university.
See the official specification of the projects: 125 K / 165 K.
Require OpenGL and Glut libraries: download 355 K / 1025 K

The Rat and the Snake
Oct 2002

My first OpenGL project (2D).
Control the rat to eat as many cheese as it can without being kept by the snake.

download 30 K / 65 K
Requires OpenGL and Glut libraries.

Road Race
Nov–Dec 2002

My second OpenGL project (and the first non-trivial 3D).
Classical racing with one or more opponents. 3D tracks from the user’s text file with automatically generated landscape.

download 45 K / 95 K
Requires OpenGL and Glut libraries.

Bézier-surfaces (1)
Dec 2002 – Jan 2003

My third OpenGL project.
Visualization of Bezier-Bernstein approxomation surfaces.

download 35 K / 73 K
Requires OpenGL and Glut libraries.

Bézier-surfaces (2)
May 2004

My fourth OpenGL project.
Bezier-Bernstein approxomation surfaces with Phong’s lighting and Gouraud’s shadowing.

download 325 K / 1040 K
Requires OpenGL library.


STURAK kvíz (quest) v4
Feb 2006

mIRC script of a quest game in Slovak language.

download 7 K / 25 K
randomizer utilities: download 325 K / 770 K

DOS programs

A few enjoyable games and programs from my high-school era.
16-bit non-protected mode applications for 80486 (or newer) processors.

The Long Worm 2.2

Classic game. A worm is becoming longer and longer by eating squares. For one and two players.
Known bug: high scores doesn't work. Better make a copy of longworm.dat

download 220 K / 270 K

Puzzle 1.3
1998–2000, Feb 2002

Classic game. Solving shuffled user-given bmp/pcx/gif images.
Two small example pictures are included.

download 225 K / 245 K

Torpedo 1.2+
Aug 1998, July 2000

Classic game. Find the ships hidden in the grid.

download 60 K / 85 K

Science 1.1+
June 2000, (+?)

Make your non-programmer friends believe you're connected to the NASA through satellites.

download 185 K / 220 K

Programming stuff

Units for Borland Delphi 7


Tested in 32-bit Win98 environment, should also work under WinXP and newer. Documentation included.

Thomas (10) 2001–2005
Useful basic rutines (Min, Max, Xchg, ByteSwap, bit operations etc.). Transferring separated bits (TBitStream and other classes). Data structure classes (TIntegerSet, TPriorityQueue, TLexTree etc.). Synchronization (an easy variation of semaphores and critical sections).
ThCoDec (2) Sep 2004
Huffman and LZW compression and decompression.
ThCtrls (1) 2002–2004
Non-rectangular forms (TUnregularForm class derived from TForm).
Cards (3) Feb 2001 – Jul 2002
52 cards (72×100, resizable) + Joker + user-defined backs (copied from Windows games). TCard (derived from TGraphicControl) and TPack classes.
Data bitmap: 180 K.

download 52 K / 370 K

Units for Turbo Pascal 7.0


Require 80486 (or newer) processor as these units contain assembly code with non-386 instructions. Tested in 16-bit real-mode environment on Pentium 100 MHz. Documentation included as a 16-bit DOS executable with the look and feel of the Turbo Pascal text-mode help.

Crt correction (NewCrt) 1.2
Delay procedure correction to avoid run-time error 200 (integer division overflow) caused by Crt initialization on Pentiums faster than 233 MHz. Under Windows much more precious than Crt. Tested in Turbo Pascal 7.0, should be also compatible with other versions and Borland Pascal.
Thomas 1.9+
Useful basic and extra routines. Numeric, string and special type conversions, direct screen access in text mode, text message box. Long strings, 3-byte and 8-byte integer types.
Vesa Graphics (VGraph) 3.5
Graphic driver for Vesa, supports 8-bit (indexed) and 16-bit (HiColor) display modes. Choosable range checking and xor mode, scrollable canvas stored in video memory, separated red/green/blue and direct scanline access, user-defined fonts, copying screen areas (TImage object), basic 8/24-bit BMP support. Image drawer utility for easy and fast raster image drawing.
Vesa Mouse (VMouse) 1.0.2
Mouse driver for VGraph. User-defined cursors of any size.
Files 1.3
Untyped files similar to the standard file type, referenced through file handles (instead of the long-deprecated FCB). Easy error detecting. Transferring separated bits (TManualBitStream object). Copying and comparing files.
Images 1.1.3
Reading and drawing BMP, GIF and PCX images. Identification of some other formats, too. Designed for VGraph.
Cards 2.0
52 cards (72×100) + Joker + backs (copied from Windows games). Data file & memory: 42 K.

download 135 K / 520 K

Assembly reference

assembly instructions (.html, stand-alone)
List of CPU registers and assembly instructions with description.
machine code (.html, stand-alone)
Conversion table of assembly instructions into 16-bit machine code.
instructions & code table (.xls)
MS Excel document containing the above listed content.