Professional biography

Not that formal description

sex male female other
birth Tuesday 6th April 1982 A.D., 0:27 a.m. CET
physical inspect the photo aside…
behavioral very calm and a bit lazy
intellectual just within the limits
profession informatician (Yeah, programmer! Cool guy.)
  • computer games (with emphasis on flight simulators → see my joystick)
  • piano → see my Clavinova
number 88 (Note that there are 88 keys on a piano, 88 seats in a Slovakian local-train passenger car, and finally I'm 1.88 m tall and weight almost 88 kg.)
colour this kind, but the another one also stands for itself
food Big Mac (However, my lifestyle policy allows only one visit to McDonald's per week.)
other comments Non-smoking. Christian. Wears shoes.
Quite immune to billboard advertisements and TV commercials. As a consequence, also quite immune to any useful information which looks or sounds like an advertisement/commercial.

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